Development of “Cross Energy Living Human Tissue & Organ Models for Surgical Training Purpose”


Wetlab Corporation, which has been solving almost all problems of  conventional silicon/rubber based artificial human tissue models and animal labs for surgical trainings  by developing Poly-Vinyl Alcohol(PVA) based models with their mechanical properties extremely close to living human tissues & organs, has successfully developed new technology that will enable surgical trainings with surgical devices with common form of energy used in surgery today(mono-polar, bi-polar and ultrasonic), maintaining its original unique mechanical property similarity.  Wetlab plans to start releasing its models with this new feature from March, 2014.

Electro-surgical devices such as mono-polar and bi-polar(both high- frequency electric current) and ultrasonic devices continuously apply such energy to human(animal in case of veterinary) living tissue/organs to create internal heat within biological soft tissues with high water content for dissection and coagulation and/or both purposes. Since conventional silicon/rubber based artificial human tissue models have little water content, those electro or harmonic surgical devices cannot be used for surgical training purposes.

In addition to its mechanical property similarity(real life-like dissection/suture/ anastomosis/endoscope, laparoscope, stent , catheter passing feelings, etc.) created by Wetlab’s unique PVA gel compounding and 3D shape formation technologies backed by 7 patents granted in Japan, the new technology successfully developed this time has broken through the hurdles where conventional PVA gel based models do not show intended effects of  mono-polar, bi-polar and ultrasonic surgery devices: new models demonstrates the intended effects(*) of mono-polar, bi-polar, ultrasonic surgical devices (dissection and/or coagulation) very similar to human/animal living soft tissues and organs!!

* The effects may vary, depending on devices to be used

Surgical devices using mono-polar, bi-polar and ultrasonic energy are much more familiar in the operating room and advanced surgery technologies in such areas as micro, endoscopic, laparoscopic, robot-assisted surgery, etc., keep coming in the operating room for better QOL of patients.  As a result, the quality and number of surgical training are becoming more important than ever in order for surgeons to take advantage of new features of advanced devices ever being introduced to the operating room in addition to their basic skills to use traditional scalpel.  The new technology Wetlab has successfully developed this time will help surgeons acquire, maintain and enhance highly advanced surgical skills.

●Mono-polar surgical device

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●Bi-polar surgical device

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●Ultrasonic surgical device

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