About Wetlab


Creating a realistic medical simulator.
Wetlab products are hydrophilic WET simulators, which
can feed back sensations and impressions virtually identical
to those of the human body, created by our unique PVA
crafting techniques.

Characteristics & advantages

  1. Sensations of cutting, suturing and impressions virtually identical to those of the human body
  2. 3-dimensional shaping of PVA gel with free regulation of hardness and shape by controlling water content
  3. Safe, biodegradable, easy to use anywhere
  4. Free from harmful materials, totally clean usage and disposal.
Japan patent numbers
  • 4675414   Organ model
  • 4790055   Blood vessel model
  • 4841663   Blood vessel model
  • 4993516   Manipulation practicing sheet
  • 4993517   Blade sharpness checking sheet
  • 4993518   Organ model
  • 4993519   Organ model

Products development

WetLab is eager to promote research and develop
manipulation simulators adapted for various parts of the
human body and numerous surgical tasks.
WetLab also responds to special requests from research
organizations, universities and medical equipment makers.

  • Blood vessel model: suture check by flushing fluid is also possible.
  • Blood vessel model for practicing catheter intervention
  • Branched blood vessel model
  • Brain model
  • Sheet model with cancer. (Cancer model is also made of PVA with freely adjustable hardness, sensation and size)
  • Phantom model
  • Model for contrast MRI
  • Cranial model with skin
  • Bone model adjusted to typical Japanese body dimensions
  • Model for practicing lumbar puncture
  • Wrist model (and many other body part models)