Company outline


These days, the mainstream of advanced surgery is adopting less invasive endoscopic surgery and intravenous operations. Accompanying this trend, more sophisticated machines and instruments are being developed, creating a need for simulators that help doctors and medical co-workers learn and develop their skills.

However, until now materials for such simulators and models have been made of silicon, urethane and rubber, whereby they cannot provide the required realistic and practical training.

At Wetlab we have developed hydrophilic WET simulators which feed back sensations and impressions virtually identical to human tissue, created by our unique PVA crafting techniques. We are responding to the specific needs of doctors and medical co-workers with products that accurately replicate the living body.

Our objective is to create a better quality of life (QOL) for patients by providing doctors and medical students with the means to develop their skills with the most sophisticated training aids. As our company progresses providing reliable medical solutions, we look forward to a lasting partnership with you.

Wetlab Incorporated
President, Yoshio Okano
Company name:
WetLab Corporation
Head office:
Ryukoku Extension Center 201
1-5,Yokotani Setaoe-cho,Otsu-city
Shiga 520-2194 Japan
Yoshio Okano
8 February 2012
Capital fund:
Research, development and marketing
of simulators for surgery practice
Development and marketing of devices
for medical instrument development
Main Bank:
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Kyoto Ekimae branch