Orders from International Customers

Wetlab have been serving international customers for years and earning good reputations on the high fidelity of the products. If you want to purchase WetLab products, just follow thru the following steps. WetLab will reply to your email within 24 hours.

  1. Order Placement:
    Send your email to info@wetlab.jp with the following information
    3)Choice of Payment(see item 2 below)
    4)Choice of Courier Service(see item 3 below)
    5)Consignee Information(see item 4 below)
    Within 24 hours you will receive our email with total amount to be invoiced to you.
    Normal lead time for us to be ready for passing your order to courier of your choice is within 2 to 3 weeks of our receipt of your payment, which may vary, depending on the quantities of your order.
  2. Payment Method:
    We accept your payment either by PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer.
    When you select Paypal payment, Paypal invoice will be sent to your email address for your payment by credit card. Just follow through the instructions given in the invoice: it is as simple as your normal online purchase by credit card.
    2)Bank Wire Transfer
    Please remit 100% of the invoice amount to be advised by us to the following bank account. All the banking charges including the fees to be charged by the receiving bank in Japan shall be paid by you:

    MUFG Bank, Ltd
    Kyoto-ekimae Branch
    SWIFT Code: BOTKJPJT( in case of 11 digit: BOTKJPJTXXX)
    Account No. 434-3124455
    Account Name: Wetlab Corporation
  3. Courier Service
    You can select either EMS(postal office courier service) or DHL. For DHL we can make shipment with freight collect if you so wish and have DHL account number for import. If you like to use other carrier whose fee will be paid by you, please let us have the contact information in Japan.
  4. Consignee Information
    The following information is mandatory for EMS or DHL:

    Person’s Name
    Company/Institute Name
    Postal Address with ZIP(postal) code
    Phone number
    Email address
  5. Price List
    Ex-Japan unit prices for our micro vessels are shown in the list below. We would like to draw your special attention to our Academy Packs shown on the last block of the price list because of the special pricing for introduction and educational purposes.

    If you like to purchase other models, please go to “Inquiry” page of this web site.