Privacy policy

WetLab Corporation recognizes the importance of privacy protection, and deals with all personal customer information according to the following privacy policy.

1) Collection of personal information
We collect personal information in a fair and legal manner, clarifying the purpose and limiting it to the necessity minimum.
2) Usage of personal information
We use personal information only when necessary, according to the purpose indicated before collection. If we use the information for any other purpose, we will make advance notification and seek permission before use.
3) Disclosure of personal information to others
We manage collected personal information in a proper way. We keep the information secret to others except in the cases applicable to items prescribed in Personal Information Protection Law.
4) Indication, modification, elimination and suspension of use of personal information
When a customer indicates modification, elimination or suspension of use of his/her personal information, our department receives the information, and we take the necessary measures promptly after identity verification and prescribed examination.
5) Management of personal information
We prepare internal rules concerning protection of personal information and devise proper security countermeasures, preventing loss, release, falsification and disclosure of personal information.
6) Organization and system
We place a management representative for personal information and promote efforts for the protection of personal information throughout the company.
7) Legal compliance
We observe the law and the national guideline applied to protection of personal information.
8) Consecutive revision and improvement
We continuously revise and improve the contents of each of the above items for the management of personal information.

WetLab Corporation, 1 April 2012