Blood vessel model

These models are ideal for the training of blood vessel resection and anastomosis, stents for aneurysms, etc.

Though rubber and silicon materials are normally used in Dry-lab, our models are made using PVA (polyvinylalchohol).
This allows you to experience the most realistic human body-like training, owing to PVA’s adjustable hydrophilicity and flexibility.

Patent Numbers: 479055(JP) 4841663(JP)

Product advantages

Our blood vessel models have the same elasticity as the living body, greater tensile strength and a strong adhesive surface. These characteristics enable one to experience realistic
sensations of suture and cutting, which until now have been felt only with animal bodies.

These models may be used for training operative skills for neurosurgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, dermatology etc., including microscopic surgery. They are also ideal for doctors and medical staff, developers of medical instruments and researchers.

Provided by Dr. Jun Takahashi, Department of Neurosurgery, Kyoto University
Provided by Dr. Masaaki Uno, Department of Neurosurgery, Kawasaki Medical School
Dr. Naoki Fukui, Department of Neurosurgery, Kochi Health Sciences Center


Blood vessel for anastomosis training
  • blood vessel model after anastomosis, injecting blood-like fluid

Special customized blood vessel model made of super-hydrophilic material virtually identical to human tissue.

1.0 x 70mm 1.5 x 70mm 2.0 x 70mm 3.0 x 70mm 4.0 x 70mm
Pressure-resistant blood vessel

Thick-wall type of blood vessel for anastomosis training. You can flush blood-like fluid in the lumen. This model is also suited for IVUS (intravenous ultrasound sonography) and catheter/stent technique training.

4.0 x 70mm (for high-flow bypass) 5.0 x 80mm 8.0 x 80mm
Blood vessel with artificial plaque

Artificial plaque is attached to the blood vessel of the pressure-resistant lumen. As in reality, the plaque can be dissected from the blood vessel wall. Practicing inserting an intravenous shunt and suturing hema-shield patch are also possible. This model is suitable for training CEA and high-flow bypass.

8.0mm x 80mm
Blood vessel kit for anastomosis training
  • Scene of kit in use

This kit enables you to practice blood vessel manipulation in realistic conditions by working on specialized sheets. Checking suture by flushing blood-like fluid is possible. This kit is also used with the separately sold blood vessel for anastomosis training.

Others, custom made blood vessel models
Custom model for catheter training
  • Blood vessel model for anastomosis
    (translucent type)
  • Pressureresistant blood vessel
    (25.0mm x 80mm)
  • Bifurcation model

We can also provide other customized models, such as aneurysm and Y-shape bifurcation models. These products are custom-made by diameter, length etc. Please use the inquiry form.