Advantages of WetLab Products

  • 1. Almost same feeing in touch, incision, suture, anastomosis and same appearance of outside/inside as the living body.
  • 2. Freely 3D-shaped and hardness adjusting.
  • 3. No use of hazardous substances and free from problems on decomposition/rotting, infection and disposal etc. Anytime and anywhere surgical training is available.
  • 4. MRI contrast and CT measurement are available like human body and training and  analysis therefor are also available.
  • 5. Total training from diagnosis to surgery can be made by various WetLab simulators.
  • 6. Energy devices can be used.

Japan Patent Numbers
4675414 — Organ model
4790055 — Blood vessel model
4841663 — Blood vessel model
4993516 — Manipulation practicing sheet
4993517 — Blade sharpness checking sheet
4993518 — Organ model
4993519 — Organ model

United States Patent Numbers

About PVA

About PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)

PVA is the main material of WetLab’s WET SIMULATORS.                            This is thermoplastic resin with characteristics of high hydrophilic and dissolve in water. This is widely used for foaming agent of soft service ice cream and coating material of capsule medicines due to high hydrophilicity, used for soft contact lens and paste of postal stamps due to safety to human body, used for liquid paste due to high biodegradability.


Unique PVA Processing-Technology of WetLab 

Generally, processing and treatment of PVA is very difficult. We WetLab succeeded to establish our own unique and innovative processing-technology (registered as Patents in Japan and USA as listed above). Our technology makes it possible to create the realistic WET SUMILATORS extremely near the human body in hardness, tensile strength, elasticity, suturing sense and color etc. We, as before, will continue to strive day to day research & development of WET SIMULATORS so that we can contribute to the persons who save people’s life and medical advancement.