• シートモデル
    Bio-Sheet model

    Hardness (4 types): Soft, Medium, Hard, Super-Hard
    length 85mm x Width 85mm x Thickness 10mm

  • 耐圧用疑似血管
    Blood vessel model pressure resistant type

    Thick-wall type. Simulated blood can be poured into. This is suitable for IVUS (intravenous ultrasound sonography), catheter and stent practices. Artificial plaque type is also available.
    Dia. 5.0mm/8.0mm (L 80mm)

  • Blood vessel model transparent type
    Blood vessel model transparent type

    Inside of blood vessel can be seen. This is suitable for practicing stent insertion.
    Dia.  5.0mm / 8.0mm / 10.0mm (L 80mm)

  • Blood vessel model transparent type with plaque

    Artificial plaque is attached inside of “Blood vessel model pressure resistant type”. plaque can be detached by dissector. Inserting intravenous shunt and suturing hemashield patch can be also performed . This is suitable for CEA and high-flow bypass training. .
    Dia.  7.0mm   (L 80mm)


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